5 Benefits of HGH in Women

‘Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.’ – Emily Dickinson, Poet

Nurturers are what women are essentially bracketed into. The role of women in shaping the world cannot be limited to just nurturers. The ability to nurture is the best though in women, there are various dimensions to her. Every opportunity to for her well being cannot be just passed off.

When women hit the threshold of 30, their bodies have to bear the brunt of hormonal changes. The biological changes which manifest in symptoms like sweating, hot flashes, depleted energy levels, loss of appetite contribute greatly in the way she tackles her daily life.

For her opening a window to the world of hormone replacement or enhancement ensures that the ravages of time sit lightly on her burdened shoulders. Of course, not many studies support Human Growth Hormone therapy as “the cure” for all problems feminine. However it offers that ray of hope to improve her over all well being.

Theories About HGH For Women

Researchers in the field of HGH have concentrated only on the effects that HGH have on men. Women so far have not been exposed to their benefits as much. Nevertheless whatever data is available in the public domain encourages the use of HGH in women only in cases where a deficiency has been observed. A study also indicates that female athletes were able to increase their muscle mass till they were on therapy. There was no significant rise in the strength of the muscles, though. Once the therapy was discontinued, the benefits disappeared.

Benefits Of HGH For Women

HGH has been used in therapies that involve the use of HGH for women suffering from symptoms of pre-menopause, menopause, weight gain, insomnia and mood swings by various medical practitioners. All these are the symptoms in part due to hormonal deficiency.

A hormonal deficiency is caused due to the low production levels of the human growth hormones by the pituitary glands. A human’s HGH level falls typically as he/she reaches 30 years. This is when HGH supplementation is sought to reduce the signs of aging such as loss of muscle tone, unhealthy bones, wrinkles and fatigue.

In women, experts espouse the following benefits:

1. Weight Loss – The biggest concern for women with hormonal deficiency is weight gain. Women on HGH have reported a loss of weight due to the increase in the muscle mass. HGH contributes to the development of lean muscles which make use of the body fat as fuel. Higher lean muscles translate into burning more calories thus a reduction in weight.

2. Reduces Signs of Aging – All women strive for that tight skin with fewer wrinkles. As a woman ages, she notices fine lines and wrinkles, especially near the eyes, mouth and on forehead. This happens as the level of HGH is not sufficient to maintain the elasticity of the skin tissues. The hair becomes coarser and starts graying. Some might even experience severe hair fall. To avoid or treat these problems HGH therapy is adapted as the HGH improvement results in reduction in hair fall, appearance of fines lines and a toned tight or thick skin.

3. Strength Enhancing – Age contributes to a reduction in bone strength and weak muscle tone. This might prove detrimental especially to female athletes or sports women. To increase their stamina and muscular strength HGH supplements are generally used, albeit under medical supervision.

4. Reduces Cholesterol – Age causes the arteries to grow thick. By supplementing HGH, women can protect themselves from cardio vascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes. Of course, this has to be accompanied by healthy diet and regular exercise which is also responsible for increasing the HGH levels in the body, naturally.

5. Better Immunity – Women are traditionally the care givers of the family. Hence if they fall ill the entire family gets affected. When HGH reduces, women often become victims of various infectious diseases or illnesses. This happens as the immunity if affected by the depleting levels of growth hormones.

Human Growth Hormones are precursors of good health if they are present in adequate levels within the body. An imbalance – whether in large quantity or low quantity – leads to a host of problems, especially among women. Therefore it becomes imperative as a woman to maintain healthy lifestyle that includes nutritious diet, regular exercise and periodic checkups with health practitioners to avoid any problems in the future.