HGH supplements List

Although it was first separated in 1956, the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) has gained most of its popularity over the past decade, especially when it comes to other uses than supplementing the deficit in kids. These days, the hormonal treatment is widely used by athletes and other sportsmen. It can rush the healing process, improve the stamina and stimulate the muscular growth. Other than that, HGH supplements are just as popular in those who want to delay the natural aging signs, such as a sagging skin or wrinkles.

No one can contest their benefits, but it is worth knowing that you need to educate yourself before making any final decisions. Supplements are available in more forms and come from multiple manufacturers. Therefore, make sure that you properly research them before spending any money.

(1) GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is ranked among the leading HGH supplements, mostly because it does not require exaggerating with the administration in order to notice any effects. Instead, it requires a normal administration, which depends on the form – spray or pills. The product is mostly indicated for those who plan to delay the natural aging signs and includes arginine, glutamine, glycine, lysine, tyrosine and astragalus root extract, among many others. The ingredients are known for stimulating the HGH production, but also guaranteed to have no side effects. Therefore, you have not less than 60 days to test the product.

(2) Somatropinne HGH

The injection free Somatropinne HGH supplement comes in pills and claims to increase the muscular mass, enhance your silhouette and help you shed excessive weight. The pills are taken orally, while the ingredients include hawthrone berry, horny goat weed and various amino acids. The manufacturer is so confident in this product that unhappy customers can simply seek their money back if the results are not obvious.

(3) HGF Max

HGF Max is most commonly used to naturally increase the levels of HGH inside the body. The hormone is directly responsible for a better appearance, a healthier physical state, plenty of energy, a better sleep and a tough immune system. It is available in pills only and includes natural ingredients, such as amino acids and multiple root extracts. Plus, it is positively reviewed around the Internet too.

(4) GenFX

GenFX is a another HGH supplement with natural ingredients and a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results. Its primary purpose is to stimulate the HGH natural production, which is crucial to gain more muscles, improve stamina, rejuvenate your skin and overall appearance, but also to work on your sexual life. The ingredients are not some random plants, but actually proven to work. They include amino acids, arginine, glycine, natural plant extracts and animal ingredients. Each of them plays a very important role in the HGH supplementation. Moreover, it is worth knowing that the supplement is available in pills.

(5) HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X is available in two different forms – sprays and pills. Each of these forms has identical effects, so it is up to you to pick the right one. The supplement does not require any risky injections or prescriptions. Instead, it can be purchased from regular health and beauty stores, but also guaranteed for 60 days. It aims to shed the fat deposits and reveal your constantly growing muscles, but also to boost your workouts with more energy and recovery abilities. It is based on herbs, so it has no secondary effects. Other ingredients include arginine and glutamine, among many others.

(6) Sytropin

While available as a spray only and featured on Oprah’s show, Sytropin is a top HGH supplement with a good reputation, an immediate absorption and obvious effects in improving the user’s appearance. It eliminates wrinkles, rejuvenates skin, improves sleep and immune system, but also provides the body with a lot more energy. The spray comes with a 90 days money back guarantee, so there are no reasons wherefore you should not try it. At the same time, all the ingredients are entirely natural and include gaba, glycine, alpha GPC, arginine, lysine and moomiyo extracts.

(7) HGH Energizer

The HGH Energizer marketing campaign relies on nothing but clinical tests and research. The uses and effects of each ingredient are clearly explained in the customers’ program and over the Internet too. There are no secrets to hide, while the composition is transparent and available to everyone. Aside from arginine and other similar substances in the L class, HGH Energizer also relies on natural plant extracts. The primary purpose of this supplement is to ensure a lean silhouette without any fat deposits, but muscular tissues only. Once they sign up for it, users also gain access to a wide variety of diet plans, tips and procedures to increase its effectiveness.

(8) ProBLEN

Available in a spray form, ProBLEN is a top HGH supplement recommended by both doctors and research specialists. It is guaranteed to improve your quality of life, health and appearance from all points of view. It is guaranteed to work and comes with a money back guarantee. The daily dosage depends on your body necessities only. Since it is entirely natural, there are no adverse reactions associated with it.

(9) HGH 30,000

HGH 30,000 is one of the best ranked HGH spray supplements on the market, with amazing anabolic effects and proven benefits over the user’s muscular growth, aging effects and fat loss procedures. It has a complex growth factor composition based on natural ingredients – alpha GPC or deer antler velvet, but also a very powerful HGH stimulation build – arginine, tyrosine powder or glysine.

(10) Maxi-HGH 307

While available as a powder only, Maxi-HGH 307 has a complex composition based on amino acids and other natural ingredients, which are proven to ensure a natural secretion. Practically, the supplement is great for those who want to lose weight, but also for athletes or people who are concerned about the natural aging signs. The powder comes in 1.1 pound packages and is positively reviewed over the Internet.

(11) HGH Complex

HGH Complex comes in small packages with 60 red pills that must be taken orally. It is very useful in the cellular growth, whether you are trying to become a professional athlete or you simply try to look better. The rejuvenation process does not just improve your immune system, but also delays the apparition of aging signs. The ingredients stimulate the natural production and do not contain any actual HGH, so the supplement does not require a prescription.

(12) Original Formula GH3

While coming from a world renowned manufacturer in the beauty world – Gerovital, Original Formula GH3 is excellent for those who need to lose the aging signs, improve their mood and gain more stamina for their everyday activities. The ingredients are entirely natural, so there are no reasons to worry about any potential adverse reactions. The optimal dosage varies from one individual to another, so read the informative prospect.

(13) Ultra Plan HGH-8X

With not less than 120 tablets, Ultra Plan HGH-8X brings in an excellent rapport for price and quality. The dietary supplement is based on gaba, glutamine, arginine and ornithine, but the list goes further than that. All in all, it rejuvenates the body, clears the aging signs, helps users lose weight and improves their muscular mass. The optimal daily dosage implies taking four pills right before going to sleep.

(14) Liddell Vital HGH

Liddell Vital HGH is a fast acting HGH supplement available in a spray form. Its overall benefits include the possibility to lose weight and transform it into muscular mass, improve your sleep and rejuvenate your skin. Some of the main ingredients include the human growth hormone, hepar susix and pituitarum porcine. The reviews over the Internet are very positive and encouraging, not to mention about the lack of adverse reactions.

As a short final conclusion, choosing the right HGH supplement might be a challenge with so many manufacturers and products on the market, hence the necessity to perform a deep research for the optimal candidates.

Disclaimer: (1) Above list is based on our research. If we’re missing any product, feel free to suggest us. (2) We may have partnership with any of the above products, meaning, if you click and purchase any these products, we may get portion of sale as comission. (3) All the statements, advice and recommendation are information purpose only and NOT medical advice. It is recommended to consult your doctor if required.